Data Management and Advanced Analytics :

    CAT, LLC leverages advanced-level knowledge and expertise in relational databases, querying and analytic languages, quantitative regression and analysis, with a mature understanding of the power of visualization, to provide clients with increased technical capabilities to help with data-driven decision making.

We thrive on finding ways to create new efficiencies for more effective deployment of resources. This includes the use of Google tools such as Big Query, Datalab, Data Studio, App Engine, and other programs such as tableau. 





CAT has experience with -and highly recommends- 3rd party data-focus, cloud-service company such as AWS, Google, Azure, etc. to provide an open framework and house the data.   “Data-focused" companies have no incentive to convert the data into proprietary formats and engineer others out of access.  CAT can help you organize your data models to support the opposite:  more data access and better data integration.

Our experience with designing, developing and refining databases processes and algorithms enable organizations to collect, house, analyze, process and visualize all available data.  

Let CAT help gain the insights and intelligence you need to succeed.



 CAT helps you determine how to best systematically collect, manage and present pertinent data so that it safe, discoverable, accessible, and usable. Our processes and algorithms enable organizations to collect, visualize, and analyze data; and help gain the insights and intelligence needed to succeed.